How to be a Successful Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Perhaps you might be considering making some major changes in your life, thinking of a change in career or how to balance two careers. Starting a career as a part-time real estate agent is quite common. However, there is more to being a real estate agent than just showing a prospective client a house, making an offer and getting your millions.

If you are looking to dive into the real estate world as a part-time real estate agent, it allows you to decide if it is something you enjoy or the perfect career for you while you only take just a minute financial risk. Here are some tips on how to be a successful part-time real estate agent.

You need to have a flexible job

However, as a part-time real estate agent becomes more successful, the demand on their time grows. This is the point where it might be difficult to balance both careers, as your time is divided between competing priorities. While being a real estate agent means you can do some things from the comfort of your home, there are commitments that need to be met.

You will be required to take clients on home inspections, be available for closings, and attend meetings with clients & your attorney. All of which would undoubtedly occur during business hours.

This means you should have a fair amount of flexibility especially when it comes to your other job. You should have a job where you can return emails and take clients calls as the situation arises.

Ensure you can support yourself with your primary job

When you start out as a part-time real estate agent, you might think you will earn a million bucks from your first sale. There are some agents who are lucky to close deals in a short period of time, while some do not make any sales until months later. When you have a stable source of income from your primary job, this way, you have financial peace of mind till you start getting returns from real estate.

You must be good at multi-tasking

Trying to balance two jobs can be really overwhelming, as you have to meet up with deadlines, remember details, meeting dates, different paperwork, marketing properties and many more. To excel at both jobs, you need to be an excellent multi-tasker as well as having great time management skills.

Have a solid support system

Being a realtor means you are often required to adjust your daily activity to suit your clients’ schedule. You can choose to team up with some agents, this way you can be sure your clients are provided with great customer service while you are at your other job. Although this equally mean any commission gotten will be shared with team members. Having a solid support system is a huge plus for you as a part-time agent.

Be Educated

To become a real estate agent requires having a license, which varies in different states. To succeed as part-time realtor you need to get yourself educated and be qualified.

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