Best Tips for Freelance Writers in 2018

Setting out to become a successful freelance writer is not a bed of roses especially the first few months when you are trying to achieve stability in adapting to the new life. However, as much as challenging it can get you can find ways to make your life easier and the freelance writing a fun part. For that matter, we have brought you the best tips to make your freelance content creation ventures a success in 2018.

Evaluate your short-term and long-term goals

It is imperative to evaluate your short term and long term goals in order to organize your work and time properly. As exciting as it is to think about all of your plans for your work, it is important to concentrate on the tasks at hand to keep your writing services running. This doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your ambition but only that you should focus 95% of your time on the current tasks while the remaining 5% for planning about the future big projects. This is because you will never get to your long-term goals unless you manage your short term ones properly.


After having evaluated your short-term and long-term goals, you would want to prioritize your tasks at hand in order to accomplish them. Analyze which projects and clients are important for your growth and would be suitable for both your time and budget. The ones that aren’t fitting your criteria might be a distraction which you can move to the ‘future possibility list’ when you are in a better position. This step will help you in narrowing down your goals further.

Determine the price for your services

Many people don’t have the talent of translating their ideas into cohesive writing and might need the help of professional writing services to do so. This is where you have to be confident about your skill set and set the price for your services, however, it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming process.

Exhibit your dedication to producing high-quality work

A solid proof of your excellent work would support your professional rates and create a win-win situation for you. You will exhibit your dedication through your quality work and relay the message to your clients that how amazing it is to work with you. The perfect blend of content marketing and copyrighting can help you achieve this.

Evaluate all projects thoroughly

As a premium freelancer, you wouldn’t be able to accept every project that is thrown your way. It is necessary for both the work and the writer to be good for each other or else all the efforts would go to ashes. Gather all the information about each project that comes your way and then analyze it whether you can produce quality work on it or not and whether it will lead to generating regular work or not and then decide whether you want to take it or not.

Provide a compelling proposal

After evaluating a particular project, create an outline of the content that you would create around it so that the prospect may choose you. Also, convince them by providing information regarding how your services are better and will help them achieve what they want. An appealing proposal would spark excitement in the client and they would want to get the task done by you.

Meet the important deadlines

Try to create deadlines for yourself that are way earlier than the ones provided by the client. This approach will provide you time for handling any unexpected events while still managing to provide the work to the client in time. This will not only help you with managing your work in a better way but leave a mark on your client as well that you are capable of handling the work in a professional manner. In case the client doesn’t provide a deadline, still create a deadline and let them know when you will provide it.

Recognize your ideal client

If you being a freelance writer wouldn’t specify that what kind of work you want then you might end up with low-paying tasks and dissatisfying jobs. So, it is important to recognize your ideal client in order to get the perfect jobs according to your caliber so that you create creative work and get perfect price for it rather than going below your standard and doing jobs that are unfulfilling.

Learn content marketing tips and tricks

Good writers are great content marketers as well as they know how to clearly communicate when you wish to deliver the message of a company. So, learn content marketing strategies and techniques in order to meet the prospects and guide them what they want and where? And the answer would revolve around how your business will be the most reasonable for you.

Keep your email inbox organized

An immaculate inbox will help you to keep a track of things as well as responding to the prospects timely. Use labels and folders to keep a track of all the inquiries. This will also help you to reference them in future at any time.

Be flexible

Your initial stages of becoming a freelancer might not go as smoothly as you might anticipate. Itis perfectly normal to make some mistakes initially as this would help you to become a better writer. So, keep moving forward and don’t be as hard on yourself as it might discourage you and you might give it up altogether.

These outstanding tips for freelance writers can do wonders in making them successful in 2018. You can follow them and become a successful content write this year and earn considerable amounts of money while working right from your home. So, go ahead and use them to be an outstanding freelance writer.

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