5 Tips for Networking on LinkedIn

As a professional, marketer or entrepreneur, having proper networking skills helps give your business exposure as well as give you access to people who can advance your career. In this age of technology, knowing how to make use of different social network platforms to connect with other professionals as yourself is crucial for the advancement of your business. Social network enables you to reach out to new contacts and this ultimately grows your network.

LinkedIn is one of the largest social network platforms that offers professional networking with over 300 million members. This platform is a place where professionals get to network, promote various achievements, get news, job searching – all without having to leave the comforts of their offices. This platform, when used effectively, can help you build your network, one which may eventually land you a dream job.

Here are 5 effective tips for networking on the LinkedIn platform.

1) Expand your network

In building your network, you should ensure it is both concentrated by making sure your connections are in line with the sphere of your expertise and diverse in other to benefit from networking diversity. Reach out and begin connecting with former bosses, old classmates, professors, colleagues, supervisors, and alumni. Also, accept connection requests as soon as you receive them. There is also a way you can connect with people as suggested by LinkedIn, review such suggestions and connect. With this, you are significantly growing your network.

2) Nurture your network

Now that you have added people to your network, it is time to build a relationship with them and this can only be done by engaging regularly with them. Interact with your connects, share and comment on posts you feel are valuable to you, update your status regularly as well as expressing your business views.

3) Get recommendations

To keep your LinkedIn profile robust and attractive, you should get recommendations from either people you have studied with or worked with. This recommendation serves as character references which would give that extra boost of specificity and legitimacy to your profile. When employers get to read how well your working relationship is with others, they become impressed.

4) Join groups on LinkedIn and be an active contributor

One of the many powerful and great networking features of LinkedIn is groups. Joining a group on this platform gives you access to large numbers of people who are focused and interested in the same things you are. This helps develop professional connections and keeps you at the top of trends in your field. And you are allowed to be in up to 100 groups on LinkedIn. Once you’ve joined a group, get to know how it works, introduce yourself to the members and have conversations with members on projects or things of interest.

5) Check for Network updates

This is quite similar to the News Feed option on Facebook. It can be found on the homepage of your LinkedIn; here you can always check for updates regularly to know what your connections are sharing and up to, and to keep up with relevant contents related to your field.


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