Interview With Established NYC Real Estate Agent Jodi Nath

With so many variables altering the ins and outs of the real estate market, and the industry as a whole, in this digital age, it’s now more important than ever to gain insight from a tried and true professional. We sat down with Jodi Nath of Argo Residential for an interview about her journey into real estate and how things have changed over the years since she had her first real break. Through insightful and perceptive statements, Jodi eloquently gives both new and seasoned real estate agents the tools they need to truly excel in this industry.

How did you get started as a real estate agent?

Back in 1992, somebody suggested I get my license as they thought I would be good at it. Although I did eventually pursue it as my life’s career, I was an advertising executive for John Paul Mitchell Systems, CA before I joined real estate sales and rentals in 1996.

How is the real estate market different today than prior?

Technology has allowed me to do a deal anywhere in the world. Before, we relied on the hard copy of listings. I spent hours going over faxed listings looking for the right ones for clients. For distributing exclusives, we had Real Plus or faxing over docs.

What would you say social media’s role is in gaining new clients?

Social media for me has been a terrific tool in getting my name and business model out to everybody. With money well spent, I have my own website which is constantly updated in real time. With just a look on Facebook and Instagram, buyers and sellers can see prices, photos and information with my name being seen and viewed by a huge amount of people at one time. Linked-In has been great to say hello and keep in contact with fellow brokers and people from my past.

Has the internet made it easier or harder to gain a presence in the real estate market (i.e., due to growing competition)?

The Internet should for everybody be a great tool if used properly. No fluff, just good decent photos showing who you are and what you can do.

How do you manage your time and priorities? Any tips?

Real estate is great because there is always tomorrow. You need a break? Take it and come back the next day refreshed.

What advice would you have for new real estate agents?

In the beginning this business should be 24/7. Every breath you take should be about the market and getting out to those buildings/communities. Bring coffee to your favorite doorman and/or super. If you are in the office, you are not making money!

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