The One Key Philosophical Reminder for All Entrepreneurs with Side Hustles

There are many myths in business.

  • Work hard and you’ll succeed.
  • Do your job and you’ll get a raise.
  • Apply for a million jobs and at least one will get back to you.

But anyone hustling to make ends meet knows that these ideas are all myths.

Nothing is guaranteed in business. NOTHING…

Except taxes, obstacles, pain, disappointment, exhaustion, a lifelong journey of what ifs and fuck yous.

You get the point.

Which is precisely why inspiration is key. As you’re out there hustling day in and day out on your side hustles and projects, it is imperative that you dig deep into your inner core and open yourself up to always, always, always remembering one thing:

Life Sucks

Yep, I said it. It does. It’s full of endless suffering and sometimes it’s generally awful.

That suffering begins with your born day and ends with your last day. Actually, it continues on beyond your last day on this earth because it gets passed down to your next of kin. In some cases, the family you leave behind gets tasked with paying for your freakin’ tombstone (it doesn’t get more morbid than that, huh?).

But knowing that life sucks makes us feel grateful. We become enamored by the fact that we are here, on this earth, with time. Time is more important than everything.

It’s exactly why you’re on this blog trying to uncover ways for you to save more time.

Spend more time being productive and less time trying to understand why your life sucks a little more than the next guy’s. Remind yourself that his life sucks, too. If you don’t believe me, just ask this dude once he’s feeling depressed drunk and in his own head.

So let it go. Understand that time is finite and you might as well try to live your best life; be peaceful, be productive, and absolutely without a fucking doubt be hopeful. Be hopelessly hopeful. Keep hoping until you run out of shit to be hopeful for, and if/when you get to that point, then God damn it hope some more. Keep fucking hoping.

Hope the next day is going to be less stressful.

Hope this next month isn’t going to be as shitty.

Hope that this project is going to come along and help you pay off some of your bills.

Once you lose hope, hope loses hope in you. 

Think about that for a second. I know it’s hard to process but it’s the truth. Once we close ourselves off to the idea of success being an actual, possible outcome – and this deliberately happens once we lose hope that things will work out someday – the universe kind of pushes us away from our proximity to success.

Through the obstacles, ups and downs – through it all – always remember that life sucks, and it’s supposed to suck or else we wouldn’t be happy because happiness would be the norm, so if happiness is the norm then that’s just what it is: the norm, the mind/heart/soul living in neutral.

And because life sucks, always remember as you pursue your side hustle that you are not at the bottom. The bottom sucks more than life. The bottom takes days, weeks, years to rebound from.

If you’re not there, then smile, get your game focus on, and go out there and amplify your earning power.

And don’t stop.

Don’t you stop for a second.

Keep pushing.

Keep fighting.

Keep grinding.


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