The Top 7 Websites for New Real Estate Agents

Starting out in real estate isn’t easy. Luckily, you have the entire Internet to guide you through the first few steps into this industry.

Even with the invaluable resource of the Internet, it can get overwhelming to know which sites you should use. That’s why we decided to help you with the ones we believe have the best information to help you.

#1: inman

Seth Price on inman has an amazing article on how to get started in real estate. He provides 5 ways to achieve success, especially those who want to use digital marketing. The infographic he has is highly informative, so take a few minutes to look it over and use some of the tips as part of your plan.

#2: offers 41 ways to generate leads. Some of these ideas are free while others you will need to pay for. Since generating leads can be one of the hardest challenges in the industry, this can help many new real estate agents get going on their business.

#3: The Balance Small Business

This site has many articles about launching a real estate career, but one of the best ones is on choosing a real estate broker. Selecting the right broker for you is important because it can relate to your success in this industry.

#4: The Close

This website also has some great articles on real estate matters. You can get started with how open houses can help you generate leads. The ideas are unique and practical.

#5: Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express has information on starting a career in real estate and growing it. If you’ve already started in real estate, you’ll find a lot of information in the Grow Your Career section of the website.

#6: Marketing Artfully

There is an entire section on this website devoted to real estate. You can learn how to market your business online and offline here. Check out this article on getting your first listing client first, and then browse the others on the site.

#7: National Association of Realtors

You’ve probably been to the National Association of Realtors® website when researching whether you should step forward into being a Realtor®. What you may not have realized is that it is a good resource for real estate agents. In the Marketing section, you can learn how to get started with advertising yourself and what you provide sellers and buyers. It also has information on MLS and online listings, social media, telemarketing, cold calls, sales tips, direct mail, and online marketing.

Finding Other Helpful Websites for New Real Estate Agents

It can be difficult to find websites devoted to helping real estate agents with their career. Many of them want to sell you something, and others do not provide information you don’t already know. Sometimes, searching Google using specific questions you have can help you through some of the most common situations among new real estate agents.

If you have any websites you would like to recommend, feel free to email We would love to spread the word about them to our readers.

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