How to Become a Real Estate Agent While Maintaining a Full-Time Job

Full-time jobs are hard enough to manage on their own. Now imagine handling all the stressful aspects of a full-time job and add a part-time job on that of that. Not only that, but imagine if the part-time job is in the real estate market, which is known to be incredibly volatile and high-pressure.

A less stressful financial perspective maintaining a full-time job with a stable income can definitely make it less stressful to start your career in real estate; however, starting as a part-time real estate agent could be tough if the commission is slow to start. With that said, here are some great ideas about how you can become a real estate agent.

Learn How to Be Efficient as a Real Estate Agent

To build the list of your leads efficiently and quickly, you will need assistance from a tool, i.e. a strong lead generation platform. Some tools like Bold Leads offer you an exclusive seller leads, so you don’t have to compete with other agents over the same clients. It also has the functionality for promotional and organizational leads, marketing automation tools, and much more.

This is a very good idea to supplement your present earnings and test the waters before opting for a full-time job as a real estate agent. But you can do it in the right way off the bat and give yourself a better shot as achieving success earlier on.

Make Sure Your Second Job Has Some Flexibility

Nowadays, clients expect real estate agents to be quick and efficient, fast and responsive, and always available when they need them. If you fail to respond them properly, they will ultimately move to any other agent who is easily available and responsive.

You will also be required to work along the schedules and availability of your clients, including lawyers, inspectors, and seller’s agents etc. Most employment opportunities do not allow you to run your personal activities during work hours, like occasional emails, random phone calls, etc. So it’s necessary to have an ideal job which can allow you to at least answer phone calls and give you your space during lunch.

Spend Your Free Time Getting Educated First

You should be qualified to be a real estate agent. You should have a license of your real estate company and also the educational hours required for your state. Start off strong with an excellent educational introduction and get a head start for your real estate career.

The real estate exam prep master is the platform where you can get this type of insightful education. In addition, the classes will be self-paced and give you plenty of the time to gather information and get ready for being a successful real estate agent. There are also online real estate courses that you can explore for more information.

Start Out with Rentals If Possible

As we know that closure of rental transactions is a matter of days and not months, so start working with the rentals and it can give you a great level of income (and experience). If you live in an area where rents have a great market, then you should have a great head start. Start your work with rental dealings and multiply your income in the first few months by this simple technique.

Starting with this phase will teach you how to deal with customers and how to work with a variety of clients, though it will give you less commission than the buyer market; still, it’s a nice head start for the beginners.

Set Aside Regular Blocks of Time in Your Schedule to Focus on Real Estate

You should be organized in order to be successful as a real estate agent. Virginia based real estate agent Valorie Easter says that you can set aside some of the specific blocks of time from your schedule to work alone on real estate. The amount of time that you need to dedicate to your part-time job depends solely on your full- time work schedule.

But the ideal time to spend on the real estate should be 20 hours per week at least. That means you just need to work for at least 2 hours per day during the week and along with that a few extra hours on the weekends and even maybe in the evening as well.

Network and Build Connections

To be serious in your job, you will need to have your company’s very own business cards printed for your clients and customers. They can give a professional touch to your job and they will be able to make sure you are trusted easily. There are few companies that can give you a facility to print your cards at an inexpensive rate.

Vistaprint specializes in printing department especially in the marketing material of real estate, postcards, mailer, business cards, and flyers. You may choose a variety from the available themes and templates or you can give your own design for the business card.

Most importantly, you’re going to need to get your name out there. Above all else, that’s where it starts. You have to network, build relationships, and present yourself in a professional setting. Only then will people (and potential clients) take you seriously). That also means working on yourself and your development.


It can be way more challenging to work as a part-time real estate agent, but since you have a stable and flexible full-time job you do not need to worry. Work smartly instead of hard! You have a higher chance of increasing your income and to get a successful start in this industry without getting in so much of a risk.

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