How to Break into the Tech Scene in 2019

The tech industry has exploded, and frankly, it can be quite intimidating to those of us who don’t operate in that world. Being in tech doesn’t mean you have to be a coder or web designer. In fact, many people “work in tech” who don’t have anything to do with the technology, coding, programming, web development or app development side of things. If you’d love a job in the illustrious tech scene, but aren’t sure how to do it, consider support roles, auxiliary positions, or operations as a way to break into the tech scene in 2019.

Write for Tech Companies

There’s more than one way to get into a tech company and writing is one of the most lucrative ways to do it. If you have technical writing skills and can develop manuals, processes, policies, instructions or outlines for readers or users of the technology associated with the company, you’ll never have to learn to code or make graphics to succeed. Writing is needed in every company on the planet and whether you are creating blogs, social media posts, or writing reports for the CEO to review, you can help aspiring tech companies flourish with your writing skills.

Provide HR for Tech Companies

Every company on earth needs some kind of Human Resources advice and insight. Whether you offer consulting for small tech start-ups or you are an in-house human resources personnel worker, there is a need for what you know and can offer. Human resources helps keep businesses aligned and ensures that people are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be, and that everyone has what they need to do their jobs properly. If you are thinking that you need to understand the technology side of the company to work for a technology company, you’d be wrong. In a good way.

Create Graphics for Tech Companies

In today’s visual world, companies need graphics. Whether you create charts, graphs, images, social media posts, website pages or any other type of imaging, tech companies need you. Our buying habits are driven by what we see and it’s so important for tech companies looking to grow their audience to provide visual stimulation to the market. If you are pretty good with a graphic design platform and can make things look great, you might have a career in a tech company after all.

Do the Books for Tech Companies

Got mad finance skills? Know a thing or two about accounting? There are plenty of opportunities in technology companies to help align their vision with their bank accounts. If you want to work in this fun and interesting industry and have the financial skills to help them grow, you might be in luck. Smaller start-ups appreciate on-demand consultants in this line of work so if you aren’t looking to settle down with one tech company in particular, it is a growing niche industry that may prove to be worth your while. As with many of the other ideas we’ve presented, you can actually apply these skills to any industry, but we know the allure of technology is strong. Billions of dollars get pumped into the “tech sector” in rural areas around the globe because many people see it as the way to improve economies. If you are a finance expert and can see the potential too, you could break into the tech scene without ever having to touch their app or sell their algorithms.

A Common Mistake for Supporters of Tech Companies

The biggest mistake people make is assuming that tech companies are some kind of special company because there has been such a movement and trend toward supporting this kind of company. The truth is that technology is all around us and that many people negotiate with and use technology every day – we use it so much we don’t realize how much we really know about it! If you can find a way to apply your existing knowledge to the growth and development of a tech company, you’ll be well on your way to finding your place in this lucrative industry. Of course, there are many other types of industries that need your services as well: energy, hydro, environmental efforts, poverty, health, addictions, and more. It’s easy to glorify technology companies because they attract a lot of money and attention, but if you let your skills do the talking, you’ll have your pick of industries to choose from for your next career.

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