Four Ways To Hack Your Side-Hustle Education

When you’re busy side-hustling, it can feel like you’re constantly wearing about fifteen hats at the same time. You’re the lead accountant, the chief marketer, copywriter, graphic designer, customer service agent and everything else in between.

While it’s true you can outsource certain tasks, that isn’t always realistic at the beginning. Besides, setting the foundations yourself will make sure you actually know what’s going on with your business.

As The Huffington Post reports, if you’re running your own business, the more you can do for yourself, the less you’re paying for someone else to do for you. This helps manage the cash-flow and expenses of a small business start up.

Due to being a one-man-band or one-woman-band, a lot of your success will depend on the learning journey you take. It seems like there’s a never ending amount of information to consume.

Here are a few ways which you can hack your side-hustle education and make sure you’re learning the right things at the right time.

Streamline your reading

There are thousands of great business books out there. Choosing the right book to read is almost a challenge in itself.

Then, after investing hours into reading a book, most of the time you only get a few takeaways anyway. Hell, sometimes, you take even less away.

All in all, while books can be a great way to get new ideas, they’re not exactly an efficient way to learn.

Websites like The Book Summary Club and apps like Blinkist help you take those key lessons from the best business books and consume them in a tiny fraction of the time; You can ultimately read a book a day in under ten minutes of your time.

By streamlining your reading, you spend more time taking action on the book’s lessons, and less time flicking between pages.

Just in time learning

It is honestly staggering how much content there is out there to get through as a side-hustler. I have gone on countless rabbit-holes into long-form blog posts and hours of podcast listens.

The truth is, you don’t need most of the information out there… Well, not yet anyway.

Odds are, the information you need as a side-hustler will be the basics; the 20% that’ll get you 80% of the results.

The problem is that these podcasters and bloggers need to keep updating their content. They can’t stop writing after covering the basics.

It’s kinda like if a weight loss blogger only wrote about the basics that’ll get you the greatest results, they’d only have one article telling you to eat less and move more. However, to make sure they’re constantly creating content, these bloggers talk about the topics that’ll impact 1% of readers.

You don’t need to know all the information before you start. Once you have the basics down, you can upskill yourself when the need arises; if you’re not creating on YouTube and your favorite blogger has an article on YouTube marketing, you probably shouldn’t read it.

We waste so much time down these information rabbit-holes that we lose track of what we should be doing.

So, while there is a lot of information out there, only focus on what you need learn right now. There’ll be a time for everything else.

Stick to one thing long enough to make a judgement

No matter the side-hustle you start, especially if it is online, the biggest barrier to your success is making too many sudden reaction-moves.

One of these is simply choosing what your side-hustle will be.

When we are starting out we are just looking for something that works, so we try everything for a while until something starts to pay off.

The truth is, when you’re first starting your side-hustle, almost anything you do will suck. Sorry, but it’s true; expect to make your fair share of beginner’s mistakes.

But it’s okay, because over time, those things you do will start to suck a little less, then it will keep sucking less and less until you’re actually seeing results.

However, if you try podcasting for a month then switch to affiliate marketing, before self-publishing, then move onto dropshipping etc… all you’re doing is making those beginner mistakes somewhere else.

You need to stick with a side-hustle long enough to actually move past those beginner mistakes before you can make a judgement.

Take action

Honestly, the best way to hack into your learning is to take action on what you’re learning.

Getting stuck in to podcasts, blogs, and books will help but too much will give you analysis paralysis; you’ll have so many options you won’t know which one to take.

The best way to hack your side-hustle education is to be constantly taking action.

While blogs like this one are full of awesome content, they shouldn’t be the only thing you do. The mistakes you make in your business will teach you more than your favorite blog or podcast ever will.

Sure, not everything will work out straight away, but that’s life. Success is just dedicating yourself to proceed to fail until you stop failing.

There are so many wannabe side-hustlers out there that dedicate over ten hours a week consuming as much content as they can without ever actually doing anything with the information.

Most are scared of actually putting themselves out there. But I’ll tell you one thing for a fact, they won’t make any money or have any success until they start taking action.

Instead, read an article and if it is a fit for you, start to implement what you’ve learned. Every month reflect on what is working and what needs to be adjusted.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of ways to hack your side-hustle education, but the most important things are to make sure you get the most of the time you’re consuming information by being as efficient as possible, and spending more time putting your lessons into practice.

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