6 Excellent Online Courses on How to Self-Publish Your Book

So your side hustle is freelance writing, but that doesn’t mean you need to go it alone. In 2019, people who want to publish writing aren’t restricted by traditional gatekeepers. That notion even applies to publishing full-length books.

The only route to becoming an author is no longer landing an agent and a book deal from one of the “Big 5” publishers like Simon & Schuster and Penguin Randomhouse, or even an indie press. Instead, the “DIY” mentality has come for book publishing, and you can get help you need online.

The trick to getting started is always writing drafts, but many courses are focused on building contemporary skills like digital marketing, e-book design, social and earned media promotion, and improving editions. Here are 6 of the best courses on how to self-publish your book.

1) Real Fast VIP

Real Fast VIP: If you’re interested in mixing with writers, publishers, and other content creators, this is the course for you. This program gives you access to tips and resources from some of the industry’s finest business and creative minds, and you can access training packs anytime for a $297 annual free, or through a monthly membership.

2) Your First 10,000 Readers

Your First 10,000 Readers: You might not automatically associate book publishing with marketing skills, but this course recognizes the self-promotion required to incite press and influencers to mention your book. Learn how to build an audience for your book online, so you can quickly translate readers into buyers once you publish.

3) Udemy’s How to Become a Best-Selling Author on Kindle

How to Become a Best-Selling Author on Kindle: The e-book phenomenon isn’t going away, and it can be a perfect medium to launch your own book without the hefty price tags of traditional cover design, formatting, and printing. This course will motivate you with practical guides on how to overcome writer’s block, examine the market for gaps in topics, quantify the value of free downloads, and manage that cash from paid downloads.

4) Authority Pub Academy

Authority Pub Academy: Are talks from your favorite authors key to inspiring you to wake up and write thousands of words in the morning? This thorough course is broken down into more than 75 lessons that cover all your generative and business bases, from “crappy” first drafts — they need only exist! — to considering alternative publication forms, like audiobooks. This course focuses on building your confidence as a writer and developing your authority and accountability as a self-published author.

5) Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School: If you thrive in one-on-one coaching sessions and are focused on the biggest possible payout from your book, this is the course for you. The course is streamlined with topic-specific courses and oriented for authors who want to spend about 90 days on the entire self-publishing process.

6) University of Baltimore

University of Baltimore: The M.A. in integrated design will equip you with the design and professional writing skills to publish your first book. This course will connect you with exceptional faculty members and alumni, so after you’ve devoted a significant amount of time to your online study, you have dedicated support to launching any self-publishing project.

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