Why Waking Up Early is the Key to Growing Your Side Hustle

A few months ago I listened to Gary Keller speak on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Gary and Tim spoke densely about how big results can surprisingly come from small, strategic decisions. The episode was all about “How to Focus on the One Important Thing.”

The “One Thing” is a concept that represents the idea of asking yourself the important question of “What’s the one thing you can do that can make everything else easier or unnecessary?”

It’s a great idea.

It pushes you to not focus on the 100 decisions you can make, but rather the one most impactful thing.

What’s the one thing I can do that will make everything easier or unnecessary?

Using the “One Thing” to guide my decisions with my side hustle initiatives, I decided to think about what’s the one most impactful thing I can do to help me grow my side hustle.

After a few hours of self-reflection I realized what it was: it’s waking up early.

Why Is Waking Up Early So Beneficial For Businesspeople?

Let’s start off by thinking about things from a general standpoint for successful people as a whole.

A lot of successful businesspeople wake up early. Why? Because waking up early has a lot of tangible benefits. So much so that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, starts his mornings at 3:45am every day.

With businesses running 24/7 now, waking up early allows businesspeople to have a multitude of edges.

You get up before the rest of the world…

And can attend to your emails without any distractions. In essence, the early bird gets the worm – and it gets to get more things done before people have a chance to disrupt your schedule.

If you are consistent in getting up early, you are likely going to bed early, and therefore you are more likely to have a set routine. This allows you to schedule things to further your side hustle with reliable precision.

If you wake up early, chances are you aren’t running late to things.

You’d be surprised but there is a ton mental health components associated with running your own business, and being late makes things that much harder. Getting up early can help prevent side hustle burnout.

Lastly, you are in the natural flow of the universe.

I know this sounds crazy but if you think about it, it makes sense. You are getting up with the sun. You are drinking your coffee or tea. You are meditating. You are able to flow throughout the day and kick things off by envisioning what the rest of your day looks like.

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