5 Simple Ways to Facilitate Your Home Selling Process

Selling a home is a rather complicated process. Not only does it take a lot of planning and organization, but it also includes the emotional factor as well. Because of the latter, people seem to find it easier when a realtor helps them with the whole selling process. However, hiring a realtor means spending extra money, which sometimes is not part of a individual or family’s planned budget. Nonetheless, if you decide to sell your house on your own, here are some simple ways how you can smoothly glide through the process.

1. Make a Detailed Plan

First and foremost is making a detailed plan. You need to write down the budget for repairs and remodeling (if you plan to do some to ideally increase your property’s value), what documents you need, and how the promotion of asset is going to unwind.


For remodeling

  • Plumbing: $______
  • Electrical work: $______
  • Cabinet installation: $______
  • Toilet Installation: $______
  • Wall panel: $______
  • Flooring : $______
  • HVAC: $______
  • Painting: $______
  • Tiling: $______

For other expenses

  • Mortgage exit fee: $______
  • Conveyancing fee: $______
  • Removal costs: $______


Documents I need

  • Mortgage loan information
  • Final purchase and sale agreement
  • Deed
  • Title report
  • Property tax information
  • Homeowners insurance information
  • Any reports & documentation that relates to the property
  • Lease agreement, if currently you are renting the property


  • Local newspapers
  • Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Open house sign
  • Word of mouth

When you put it down in writing, you will be able to always be on top of things. You’ll know how much you’ve spent at any time and how many documents you still need to collect. This is why this is the most important step. If you start off strong, half of the job is already finished.

Set and Organize Dates

Once you know what you need to do before listing your home, make sure you set a deadline for each of the activities. Setting a deadline is crucial for keeping things under control, finishing remodeling, and collecting the documents fast. Even though the remodeling phase doesn’t rely on you entirely as there are other people involved (unless you DIY) you need to have a time frame in mind so you can target the right groups of people and the recommended periods of buying a house.

Showcase the Potential of Your Home

Now let’s move on to the next step, which is making sure your house is presented the best way possible once it is being promoted online. Before you list your home, you should have photos of the rooms that are going to raise the interest of the targeted audience. To do so, you can achieve it in two ways: by virtual staging or traditional staging. Traditional staging can cost thousands of dollars because you have to hire a staging company that will provide the furniture and a professional photographer who will take the photos.

Fortunately, the other option tends to be much cheaper as you only need to provide photos of empty rooms to the stagers and have them fill the space up with digital furniture. This technique is called virtual staging, and it is quite popular among realtors and individuals who are selling houses. It is a fast service that provides you with photos of your home in the style of interior design that you want, and you can use these photos to get to as many different tastes as you can.

One important note, though, make sure that you put a disclaimer when publishing such virtually staged photos because you don’t want to misguide people by thinking that is what they are getting if they buy the house.

Be Confident

The last step before listing the home is to be confident and focus on the end goal, which is selling the home fast. You shouldn’t be discouraged by people who are saying that you won’t be able to do it without a realtor or by inconvenient conditions on the market – it’s just an opinion. All you need to do is be confident and well-prepared so that once your home hits the market; in addition, you have be reliable, available, kind, and fast-responsive.

Go for It!

You are ready to start selling your home. Remember, a good sense organization and a good amount of promotion (and a bit of luck) can take you to your final destination. As the first two conditions are already planned how to be achieved, it is in the hands of the people in need of a home now.

The Bottom Line

To make this work, you need to be 100% committed to selling your house on your own. The benefits are great – you can control the process and see the results yourself; you will represent the house from the first-hand experience, and you will save thousands of dollars in commissions.

Author bio:

Joshua is very passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, digital marketing trends and real estate. His favorite past time is reading a good book and have a walk with his beloved dog.

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